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Insurance Provider List

Here is a list of the major insurance companies that I am a provider for.  If your insurance company is not on this list, please call or email me anyway since I am a provider for many smaller, regional companies as well.

EAP =  Employee Assistance Program.  Usually from 1-10 sessions free of charge for evaluation and short-term counseling.  Needs preauthorization

HMO =  Managed care insurance company.  Usually needs preauthorization, may require reauthorizations.

PPO/POS = Preferred Provider/Point of Service plans.  Don't require pre-authorization but have to use network providers for full benefits

Aetna  EAP//PPO/POS               

Healthnet HMO/PPO                    

Blue Cross EAP/HMO/PPO                   

Blue Shield /PPO                         


Champus/Tricare HMO/PPO

Cigna EAP/HMO/PPO                                                                                     

Call/Text me now at 949-751-7590, or email me at [email protected]

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